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18 Days

The baby’s heart has begun beating – probably before you even knew you were pregnant.

Weeks 4-5

Arms and legs have started budding. Eyes and ears have started forming. The baby is ¼ inch long.

Week 6

The brain is continuing to form, as well as the lungs, jaw, nose, and palate. The hand and feet have budded into webbed-like fingers and toes. The baby is about ½ inch in length.

Week 8

This is a special week early in the first trimester when everything that one could see in an adult is now present in the tiny baby. The bones have started to form, and the muscles can now contract. The baby’s face is forming more and more with little eyelids and ears now developing. All major organs are present, and the baby is about 1 inch long.

Weeks 9-13

At 10 weeks, your baby’s body is now the body of a little girl or a little boy – something that will be able to be seen on sonogram in a few weeks. The buds for little baby teeth show this week. The baby can make a fist, and is about 3 inches long now. Brain waves can now be recorded. Your baby can swallow, squint, and even suck her thumb.

Weeks 14-16

Little baby flutters can be felt by some mothers during this time frame, as your baby kicks and wiggles and flips. The fetus’s skin is transparent. Soft hair called lanugo begins to form on your little one’s head. Fingerprints establishing your baby as a one-of-a-kind individual – a different person from even Mommy – can now be seen on the little fingers. Your baby has reached 6 inches in length and weighs about 4 ounces. She can even detect the beginning of sound and make out various shades of light.

Weeks 17-20

Your baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes have formed now, as well as his tiny little fingernails and toenails. Mommy can feel more and more movements by the baby in her womb. The fetus has reached a length of 8 inches and weighs about 12 ounces. Your baby can now cry.

Weeks 21-23

The baby looks almost like a newborn infant. The baby has reached about 10-11 inches in length and weighs about 1– 1 ¼ pounds. Premature babies have survived with medical help when born at this time. Your baby practices breathing in the womb, and his ears have developed enough to hear and recognize your voice. Sudden loud noises can sometimes result in setting off your baby’s startle reflex.

Weeks 24-26

The baby has a startle reflex now, and has begun cycling through sleeping and awake periods – times that can be noticed by an observant mother. The fetus has reached about 14 inches in length and weighs about 2¼ pounds.

Weeks 27-32

The skeletal structure of the baby has fully developed, but the bones are soft and pliable. The eyes open and shut. The lungs are not fully mature yet, but some breathing movements are occurring. The baby’s body begins to store fat, and will be approximately about 15-17 inches long and weighing about 4-4½ lbs by the 32nd week.