in the Equal Protection (Abortion Abolition) Debate


"This bill stems from a hatred of women."


When we criminalize rape, are we doing so because we “hate men”?

Of course not.

We’re simply criminalizing the conduct of rape. One could even argue that it is good for men to abolish legalized rape and therefore loving to men to deter them from that conduct with good laws. (After all, some rapists go on to regret what they did to their victims.)

Likewise, abolishing abortion via an equal protection bill doesn’t stem from a hatred of women.

To the contrary, criminalizing the conduct of murdering babies by abortion shows LOVE for women and a desire for their good because it deters many women from committing the act of abortion in the first place. Criminalizing abortion for everyone, including mothers, takes the option to murder babies off the table for law-abiding women.

After all, some women go on to regret their abortions. An equal protection law, however, can lovingly spare them that devastating regret.


“A bill like this will never work.”


Do what’s right – every. single. session.

Leave the results in the hands of God.

If you have to author an equal protection bill 48 sessions in a row completely by yourself as the only name on the bill,


And DO IT… to the glory of God.

Note: The longer politicians stall on passing the equal protection abortion abolition bills, the longer it’ll take to end the bloodshed.


“What about the life of the mother?”


When a woman is pregnant, there are two patients, made in God’s image (Gen. 1:26-27), and we have a duty to attempt to save both lives. The mother’s life is not more valuable than her baby’s life.

If the pregnant mother and baby are facing imminent death together and if every attempt has been made to save them both, it is morally ethical to relocate the baby outside the womb (from one location where he is dying to another location where he is dying) via emergency delivery. A premature delivery (relocation) is only ethical if the purpose is to save one patient, the mother, rather than allowing two patients to unnecessarily die together (mother and baby).

Bear in mind that premature delivery is only ethical if the child, no matter how small, is given all available medical care – even if he dies in the end – and treated as an image-bearer of God, even in death.

Note: murder requires intent. If the intent of the premature delivery is to favor the mother's health over the baby's or stems from a "rush to kill" spirit to limit the doctor's liability, then that is abortion and murder.

However, if the emergency delivery (relocation) is made after all attempts to save the mother AND the preborn baby have failed, then the intent is to save as much life in the room as possible (triage). That is an ethical solution. The equal protection bills allow for ethical rescue attempts of the mother.


“We already abolished abortion with the overturn of Roe.”


This is probably the biggest myth in pro-life states. The overturn of Roe did not abolish abortion. Even in states that have supposedly banned abortion, the laws usually contain a massive exception clause that gives mothers who abort their own babies legal immunity from ever being prosecuted.

So, post-Roe, pro-abortion advocates are simply coaching the mothers into taking advantage of that exception clause by simply shifting from surgical abortions at brick-and-mortar clinics (no longer legal post-Roe in some states) to “do it yourself at home” abortions (perfectly legal post-Roe in all states) by ordering the abortion pills from over 25 online abortion clinics.

Many of these providers are international providers and very hard to shut down from selling to U.S. mothers. In addition to pills being ordered online from U.S. and international websites, women are traveling out-of-state for abortions, or sometimes attempting abortions using other methods like herbs, Vitamin C flushes, drugs, alcohol overdose, violence, and the historical coat hangers, etc.

We still have a MASSIVE abortion problem in every state post-Roe.

Abortion activists are, sadly, exploiting the GIANT loophole for mothers in our trigger laws and other pro-life legislation.


“I don’t need to sign on to a bill like this.
I already signed on to the Heartbeat Act.”


The various Heartbeat Acts have been well-meaning, but in effect, told women WHEN they may kill – that it should be done before there is a heartbeat to be murder permitted under law.

For enforcement, the Heartbeat Acts rely on serial killers (abortionists) to make an honest effort to find a heartbeat on the sonogram and to turn away patients.

In addition, Heartbeat Acts usually have the same carveout in the law as other pro-life legislation that takes away any enforcement of the law for the mothers – the very ones who usually initiate the abortion, who often pay for it, who sign informed consent paperwork, and who otherwise usually assist with the murder of the preborn image-bearer.

Equal protection bills seek instead to simply align our legislation with God’s command:

“You shall not murder.” No exceptions. No compromise.

We issue a friendly invite to those who love the babies and worked hard to pass a Heartbeat Act to now join us in going all the way to abolishing abortion via an equal protection bill.


“We don’t have time this session.”


Legislators, you have many important bills before you this session. Many are of great importance.

However, this is a life-and-death issue affecting many of the citizens in your state.

Therefore, we are going to respectfully argue that this should be the #1 priority of the legislature this session – to protect the preborn human beings in our state from being murdered.


“What if a woman aborted and she was under duress?”


Our law already protects people who murder while under duress.


“What if a girl is only 14 y.o. and got an abortion when it’s illegal?”


The facts of her case would be heard – just like when we find a newborn in a dumpster and discover that the mother was only 14 y.o. If she’s innocent, she will not be penalized because we do not penalize the innocent victims of a crime.

If she was forced to do it by a male trafficker, boyfriend, or her father, only the man would be penalized because an equal protection bill does not specifically target women.

There are no “automatic” criminal charges under an equal protection bill. Just as in homicide cases involving born people, once the report of a crime has been received by law enforcement, there must be an investigation before any charges can be brought. There must be evidence that a crime has been committed and, if so, it must be clear who should be charged and with what crimes.

Once a person is charged with a crime, the state must still prove to a judge and jury that the person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict. Once convicted, there are opportunities for appeals. For a guilty verdict, even the sentencing process allows mitigating circumstances to be considered.

Along these lines, imagine a 14-year-old boy joins a gang (maybe he felt like he had no choice?) and he is pressured into murdering some other 14 y.o. boy, which he then does. Do you charge him with a crime?


“A bill like this is definitely what we need to aim for as a goal, but our state isn’t ready for this yet.”


Tiny babies are being put to death while legislators with the power to help stop the madness of legalized baby murder are waiting for the approval of more people to do just that.

Respectfully, it is horribly WRONG to continue to allow the bloodshed of our tiniest of neighbors because some people may not be ready for legislation that criminalizes all forms of murder.

If pedophilia was legal for some ages of victims, would we wait around for the approval of the people to criminalize all forms of child sexual abuse or would we work to criminalize it immediately because it’s the right thing to do for the
children in our state?


“A bill like this targets women.”


Does anti-rape legislation “target men”?

Of course not.

Anti-rape legislation targets the act of sexually assaulting another human being made in God’s image.

Likewise, an equal protection bill targets the act of brutally assaulting or poisoning to death another human being made in God’s image.

It targets abortion. Not women.

If a woman is innocent, she’s protected under the law.


“I’m a freshman legislator and overwhelmed with all the issues this session. That’s why I haven’t co-authored this.”


If the only thing you did was to co-author a bill this session that stopped all legal abortion in your state, you would have started things off doing the #1 thing you should be doing as a legislator: using the power of your office to stop the murder of the innocent human beings in your state.

If you would even be interested in authoring an equal protection bill, we will do our best to teach you and equip you for defending the abortion abolition bill on the floor.

We can attempt to train you for everything you'll likely be challenged with during the session about a bill like this, however, considering how busy the session gets, it is optimum to get you prepped for this battle far before session kicks off.

Let the person who is giving you these "Things You Say To Us" cards know if you're interested in serving as the author of the bill that could historically abolish abortion in your state.


“I’m for a bill like this, but I want to amend it so that the highest penalty is a fine.”


A friendly challenge for you:

Is that treating our tiniest of neighbors as equally valuable – as fearfully and wonderfully made – as ourselves?

After all, in many states, someone who murdered you or me would get a long prison sentence or maybe even the death penalty in certain situations in some states.

Think about it.


“What even is an equal protection bill?”


An equal protection bill is simple.

It takes the same laws that protect your life and mine and extends those protections to all human beings in our state – regardless of age, size, or location in the womb.

It follows God’s law: “You shall not murder.”

Historical pro-life legislation follows the strategy of regulating abortion more as “healthcare” – telling women how, when, and where they may kill, who they may hire to help, and what age their baby-victims may be at the time of the assault. The hope many have with this type of incremental legislation is that we will reduce abortion numbers through regulating abortion more tightly.

In contrast, an equal protection bill seeks to immediately abolish all legalized abortion via criminalizing the conduct of murdering preborn babies for everyone.


“I’m for the bill, but I won’t sign on to it because the author in my state, frankly, gets on my nerves.”


Good legislators work to pass good laws. They don’t make decisions about critical legislation based on the personality and likeability of the bill author.

They sign on to bills because the bills honor God and His Word.

Think objectively about the legislation itself. Don’t put the babies to death for the sins, crimes, personality, affiliations, or likeability of the bill author in your state.

Policy over politics.


“I’m for the bill, but I won’t sign on to it because I don’t want to be associated with the more extreme, far right legislators.”


Abortion legislation shouldn’t be about which group is most conservative or who has signed on to the bill.

It should be about professing Christian legislators doing what honors God and His law: “You shall not murder.”

Respectfully, if you are a professing Christian in office, it is your duty to act on behalf of the preborn who are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. (Ps. 139:14)


“We shouldn’t criminalize abortion. What we should do is to work on taking away the reasons why women choose to abort in the first place.”


The Bible says that “murder… stems from the HEART” (Matt. 15:19).

Abortion is not primarily a resources issue or an education issue.

It’s primarily a SIN issue.

This type of sin needs two things:
1) The Gospel
2) Godly legislation to RESTRAIN that sin against the preborn victims

Yes, we should work to help the mothers with wise solutions to the challenges that come with having a baby.

Pregnancy and child-rearing is hard work!
But fundamental to helping mothers with resources and practical assistance is to first take away the option to kill that little one as an easy (and self-centered) way out of parenting.

Thankfully, we already have thousands of loving pregnancy centers waiting to care for mothers and their little ones once abortion is removed as a legal option.


“I work for a pregnancy center, and these girls would stop coming to us and talking to us if abortion were abolished because then they’d be talking to us about their intention to commit a crime if they were abortion-minded.”


The very point of good pregnancy centers should be to use Biblical counsel, the Gospel, and resources such as baby supplies to help save each baby from abortion.

Godly pregnancy centers should REJOICE if abortion were to be abolished legally and taken away as a temptation for the mothers. That would change the conversation with pregnant clients in a very good way!

It is also very likely that Pregnancy Centers would be able to serve an even greater number of mothers and their children if abortion is no longer an option for those women.


“How would we enforce a law like this? Have the government spying on women’s computers to see if they’re ordering the pills?”


The same way all laws are enforced.

When a possible crime is reported, investigators decide if there is probable cause for an investigation.

If so, then evidence and witnesses must be gathered before any charges can be brought.
The fact that there is a law does not guarantee that every crime will be prosecuted. Sometimes, there is not sufficient evidence to prosecute. However, it is still a good thing that the law provides an avenue for justice for the victim when the law is broken.

If there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause that a crime has occurred, there would be an investigation. In the course of an investigation, subpoenas could be issued for a computer search or a search for evidence of another kind.

Then the facts of the case would be heard in court – just like we do with other suspected crimes.

** Only some murder cases in the US are ever solved. Out of the solved murder cases, only an unknown percentage result in convictions. We wish that all murders were solved and resulted in convictions, but this is not the case, and we know it won’t be the case with abortions either.


“A bill like this just takes things too far.”


It is never taking things too far to legally forbid – without apology – the unjust taking of human life regardless of age, size, or location of the murder victim.

If the law isn’t taking things “too far” in how it is written to protect our own lives, then it’s not taking things “too far” to protect the lives of helpless children in the womb.


“Abortion? We’re already good on that issue. We signed on to some pro-life bills last session.”


Respectfully, if you’re receiving this card, you may be good, but the babies in your state are not.

If you are a legislator, we beg of you to do your duty to protect them by fully abolishing abortion via an equal protection bill.


"I don’t co-author until the bill’s author comes by my office and asks me to co-author.”


Respectfully, no one should have to ask you to co-author this at all. You should co-author because defenseless babies are being slaughtered in your state on your watch.

Your duty is the same even if the bill’s author is not lobbying for this bill as they should.
Don’t wait to be asked to co-author. Sign your name on to the bill BEFORE GOD as having done everything in your power this session to stop the bloodshed in your state.


"We’re not ready for a law like this as we need to be prepared to help the mothers materially with their babies.”


We are not failing the mothers with helping them materially. That’s literally why we have thousands of Pregnancy Help Centers all over the U.S.

Where we are failing the mothers is legislatively by continuing to allow them to be tempted to legally abort year after year after year – something some mothers go on to sadly regret.


"You guys are just trying to round up all post-abortive women and give them the death penalty.”


The Constitution prohibits ex post facto laws and we support that.

Laws cannot and do not work retroactively (backwards).

An equal protection bill would only penalize those who would willfully choose to violate the law going forward.


"What about women who were coerced into an abortion?”


An equal protection bill protects women from being coerced or pressured into an abortion because it is illegal in many states to coerce or pressure someone into a crime.


"Would the bill ban contraceptives?"



The bill does not ban contraceptives (i.e. drugs or devices to prevent fertilization). The bill would ban the use of abortifacients after fertilization if knowingly and willfully used to cause the death of the child.


“You people want to give aborting mothers the death penalty when we should be working on loving these girls at our pregnancy centers!!!”


The way we potentially fill up our Pregnancy Centers and churches with even more mothers and babies to care for is to take away the legal option to terminate that little boy or girl in the first place.

If we abolish abortion by passing an equal protection bill, the mothers (who are generally law-abiding) will be left with only two legal options: parenting and adoption.

Thankfully, Pregnancy Help Centers already specialize in helping mothers with both of those options.

It may also be worth mentioning that the vast majority of murders do not result in the death penalty. There’s no reason to believe that would change in the event that aborting mothers are charged with murder.

Furthermore, in states where the death penalty is even a possibility, it would be wrong for us to take the death penalty off the table when we know a child in the womb is just as real and valuable as a child outside of the womb. To suggest abortion is any different than killing born people suggests that babies in the womb are not as valuable as babies outside of the womb.


“I have too much compassion for rape victims to support a bill like this. Why isn’t there at least a rape exception?!”


Good question. We respectfully argue that rape and abortion are wrong for the same reason. They are both violent acts against the body of another.

Aborting the baby does not undo the rape, nor does it take away the memories of the assault. All abortion does is add murder to the conscience of the rape victim who has already suffered so much.

In addition, It is completely unjust to put children to death for the crime of their fathers.

By all means, let us pursue the rapist to the fullest extent of the law. To poison, dismember, or otherwise violently assault the poor baby to death for the crime(s) of her criminal-father is not just.

"... nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers." Deut. 24:16

Let’s love pregnant rape victims enough to help them report the crime that has been committed against them and lovingly care for the child conceived.

One way a rape survivor can perhaps do the latter is by choosing one of millions of couples on the adoption waiting list who can give that little boy or girl a forever home.


“We never see Right to Life or other big pro-life groups lobbying for this.”


Many pro-life groups strangely stand in opposition to the bills that would end abortion – preferring instead to continue to support bills that tell women how, when, and where they may kill their little babies, who they may hire to help, and what age their baby-victims should be at the time of the assault.

We respectfully argue that abortion is murder and should not be treated as “healthcare.”

We also respectfully ask all pro-life groups that prefer incremental legislation: What is it that you’re working incrementally toward if not toward the abolition of abortion?

**We are encouraged to see in recent times a few pro-life groups coming around to the idea of equal protection!


“What would the penalty range be?”


The penalty range would be the same as for the homicide of a born person (ex. if we, say, found a newborn baby in a dumpster).

The facts of the mother’s case would be heard. If she’s declared innocent, then no penalty would be given at all. If she’s guilty, then the penalty would be whatever the courts deem appropriate according to the mother’s level of culpability: anything from a fine to community service to, yes, jail time or greater after the facts of her case are heard.

Remember: We are dealing with a range of aborting mothers from mothers under duress (e.g. held hostage by a trafficker) to those wearing t-shirts that say “I’ve had 19 abortions” and those taking abortion pills on national TV.

Different penalties for different situations – or even no penalty at all – are very appropriate.


“Are you saying that women would be charged with murder under this bill?!”


Under a bill of equal protection, the same homicide laws that protect your life and mine would also protect the lives of babies in the womb.

That means anyone who knowingly and willfully participates in murdering a preborn baby could be charged for their part in the crime.

Women are not, however, singled out for prosecution under an equal protection bill. They are simply subject to the same laws as everyone else.

Remember: if a woman is charged, she is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. In addition, the facts of her case must be heard by a judge and jury to determine beyond a reasonable doubt if she’s guilty, the degree of murder if guilty, and mitigating circumstances may be heard before penalties are decided upon, if any penalties are given at all.

Friendly challenge: Do you believe a woman who kills her three month-old baby should be charged with murder?

It’s the same thing.

If you think it’s not, then we have to ask:

Do you really believe human life begins at the moment of fertilization?


“Everyone has their issues, and all the issues are equally important.”


Respectfully, no, they’re not.

The Bible speaks of degrees of sin, crimes, and “issues.”

Some are GREATER than others.

We see this in the Old Testament when the Lord gave a penalty range of a fine (for lesser crimes) all the way up to capital punishment (for greater crimes).
All issues are not equal.

There simply is no greater issue than the murder of our innocent, preborn neighbors.
We are living in the midst of the bloodiest genocide in history, with well over 63 million dead in the United States alone since 1973, not to mention the estimated 2 billion plus dead globally since 1980. With all due respect, every issue pales in comparison with this one.


“What if a mother really didn’t know what she was doing?”


The facts of her case would be heard.

If it is proven that she didn’t know what she was doing or that others are actually guilty and she’s innocent, then the guilty party would be penalized in accordance with what the court deems appropriate.

Remember, she is innocent until proven guilty, so it is incumbent upon the prosecution to prove that she did know what she was doing.


“What about post-abortive women who regret it?”


The #1 thing women who regret their abortion needed at the time they were aborting was for the law to have told them “no.”

Remember: most aborting mothers are law-abiding.

They don’t typically go around stabbing and shooting at born people because it’s illegal to murder born people.

The only reason they abort their tiny little ones is because the law permits them.

Passing an equal protection bill is the KIND thing to do for women who might someday go on to regret their abortions because it deters them from making that horrible decision.


“Would this bill still allow for in vitro fertilization (IVF)?”


This bill is simply addressing the legalized murder of preborn children. Not IVF.

However, IVF-related murder (a.k.a. “selective reduction”) would no longer be permitted under this law because selective reduction takes human life unjustly.
Thus, selective reduction is murder, by definition, of the preborn.

The bill does not address IVF where it can be practiced without murder because this is not an IVF bill.

It’s an abortion abolition bill.


"If we passed something like this into law, we’d lose our Republican majority."


What good is a Republican majority if we won’t even use it to stop the slaughter of the preborn in our state?

Let us encourage you: Do what’s right and leave the results in the hands of God.

Being principled is always greater than being pragmatic.


“But couldn’t women wind up in jail under a bill like this?!”


Yes, just like with other crimes, if a woman knowingly and willingly breaks the law and receives a “guilty” verdict from a judge and jury who have heard the facts of her case, they could decide that the particular penalty of jail time is deemed appropriate for her crime.

Depending on the facts of her case, some women, however, may just get community service or a fine if found guilty.

If a woman were found to be under duress at the time of the murder of her child or really didn’t know what she was doing, she may not get any penalty whatsoever.

The law gives a range of penalties, but the penalty for individuals is decided on a case-by-case basis by judges and juries who have heard the case and any mitigating circumstances.


“We had a bill like this last session, and it went nowhere. We didn’t even get co-authors.”


Run it 58 times in a row if you have to.

Each session, let your name go down in history and before God as someone who exercised the full power of your office to protect the preborn in your state – regardless of what your fellow legislators do or don’t do for the preborn.


“I’m for the bill, but I won’t sign on to it because the author said I was a RINO and other mean things about me.”


Make peace with one another.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is… peace.” Gal. 3:22


“I believe in running all the pro-life plays.”


You shouldn’t. Some pro-life legislation is immoral because it regulates abortion as “healthcare.”

For example, when we have a bill that criminalizes abortion after 20 weeks, that bill is discriminating against children under 20 weeks old. It’s an ageist bill – showing favoritism and greater value for older, stronger, bigger human beings.

That means it’s immoral legislation. “If you show favoritism, you sin….” James 2:9.

Similarly, when we pass a bill like a Heartbeat Act, a 15 week ban, or a 12 week ban, those laws are also telling the mothers in that state when they may kill rather than that they should not murder all together.

Would we ever pass legislation that tells pedophiles they may only molest children under six years old? Or rapists… that they may only assault women in certain locations under certain conditions and done in certain ways?

Of course not. It is always wrong to try to regulate crimes that should be abolished.

Let’s end legalized baby-killing like we would end legalized pedophilia or rape. Not regulate it.


“You people want to give aborting mothers the death penalty when they’re going through the most traumatic time in their lives!”


We have no desire to see any woman get the
death penalty or jail time or even community service or a fine.

The good news is: No woman has to be penalized at all. Women are just as capable of obeying the law as men are capable of obeying the law.

Not even one woman has to be fined or put in handcuffs. They can choose to be good mommies to their little ones whom the Bible describes as “GIFTS from God.” Ps. 127:3.


“We can just go after the abortion pill sellers.”


Passing legislation that targets the pills alone is like playing whack-a-mole with abortion methodology.

Abortion activists will always find a way to help the mothers abort their babies until an equal protection bill is passed that criminalizes abortion for everyone. If they can’t access the pills, pro-abort and pro-choice women will further share ways to use veterinary drugs, herbs, bleach, coat hangers, bicycle spokes, umbrella rods, illegal drugs, alcohol overdose, violence, Vitamin C flushes, manual vacuum aspiration, hot baths, etc. to cause the death of preborn little boys and girls.

To go after one murder method alone is like trying to end the homicide of born people by criminalizing guns.

Murderers will simply switch to a different weapon – perhaps using knives, baseball bats, bombs, or vehicles to murder.

This is why an equal protection bill criminalizes the act of prenatal homicide – not just one of the murder methods.

Equal protection is the only real legislative answer to the evil of abortion.


“I’m as pro-life as you can get, but I just cannot support criminalizing women.”


We’re not actually “criminalizing women” in an equal protection bill any more than anti-pedophilia bills are “criminalizing men.”

What an equal protection bill does is criminalize ABORTION without making exceptions for women to be able to knowingly and willfully violate the law.

After all, what other law do women get a free pass to violate… simply because of their gender?

Note: Some women actually find it belittling, demeaning, and flat-out offensive to always have an exclusion clause written into pro-life legislation that says that women will never be penalized like men are penalized when they break the law. Many women argue that they can and should be treated equally under the law and be expected to obey the law - like everyone expects men to obey the law.


“I will never get behind a bill that punishes women. God loves them too!”


Then, to be consistent, you would have to refrain from ever signing on to any bill that would ever punish anyone, male or female, because “God loves them too.”

Of course, that would be a foolish notion because everyone knows that laws without enforcement are as if there is no law in the first place.

Contrary to popular belief, it is completely Biblical for the law to be enforced via penalties for those who would choose to violate it:

“For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.” – Rom. 13:3-4


"Everyone wants to save allll the babies, but no one wants to do anything about the foster care system!”


The foster care system does indeed need fixing; however, the answer to the foster care system is not to allow mothers to brutally murder their preborn children who might or might not wind up in the foster system someday.

In addition, this particular accusation is a red herring argument. Sure, improving foster care is a good and important effort, but suggesting that people who are working to end abortion “don’t really care” if they’re not also doing some other good thing is nonsense.

It would be like going up to a fireman who just pulled a child out of a burning building and accusing him of not caring about victims of sex trafficking. Is he really heartless about victims of trafficking because he’s too busy pulling children out of burning buildings?

Of course not. He is doing his job, and we are doing ours.


"I agree with the bill, but I won’t support it because I don’t like abolitionists! They came by the office and were just… pushy! Told me to repent!”


Just like with other bills on other topics, there are a variety of personalities who might stop by your office to lobby for the bill.

People get passionate – and heated – about the topic of abortion.

Some are, no doubt, immature in how they choose to express their passion for ending abortion. Others don’t quite understand how to professionally lobby for a bill like this. Others might be giving a Biblical call to repent but are not being as winsome or respectful as they could.

At times, you may have to say, “That person was obnoxious, but the bill is still excellent.”

Likewise, perhaps their style and tone were respectful, but the message just… stung.

Pray to the Lord for humility where needed to wisely consider the abolition debate… as we also encourage those lobbying as “abolitionists” to pray for the Lord’s help to be respectful, kind, and winsome in their appeals to your offices.


"I will not support a bill like this because I don’t want to be associated with the bill author.”


Legislating in a wise and Godly manner does not involve signing on to bills because the author is a great guy or gal or refraining from signing on to bills because the author is crazy and no one likes him or her.

If you’re a legislator, we’d encourage you to legislate objectively – deciding on the bills based solely on whether they please the Lord and honor His law.


"A bill like this won’t stop all abortions.”


Agreed. Just like laws criminalizing out-of-womb homicide don’t stop all homicide.

That’s because Godly laws simply RESTRAIN sin. Most people don’t go around murdering one another because the law restrains them from doing such a thing even when they are full of rage against another individual.

Likewise, the far majority of abortions would end if an equal protection bill passed into law because most aborting women are law-abiding citizens.

Some would still abort, of course, and should then face justice for intentionally violating the law.


"I’m waiting to support a bill like this until I see this other legislator support it.”


Respectfully, the great legislative leaders of our state often need a leader themselves to teach them and show them by example how to do something as big as abolishing abortion via an equal protection bill.

Don’t wait around for a legislator you perceive to be an expert on this issue to sign on to the bill.

Lead by example – and actively lobbying if you can – to love our tiniest of neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31).

Things You Say To Us (In The Abortion Debate) is available for purchase at